Pool Cage Renovations

We were one of the first to create a pool cage restoration process.

All American Renovations was started back in 2004, we realized that pool cages of a “certain age” were not looking their best any longer. Upon inspection we realized that most issues were either cosmetic or easily repaired. All American Renovations were one of the first companies to create a Pool Cage Restoration Process that gave the homeowner an affordable alternative to replacing their entire pool cage. Over the many years that we have been specializing in Pool Cage Renovations many competitors have come and gone, and the consumer has many choices in who to hire for their pool cage needs. Some of our competitors are very qualified but our hope is that when you are done reviewing our website you will see that we are clearly the best choice.

A Pool Cage Renovation is a generally a three-day process (but not necessarily 3 consecutive days).
Let’s take a look at the process.

Day 1 – “Open the Cage”

The All American Renovations crew arrives at the jobsite at approximately 8am. Their first task it to introduce themselves, evaluate the job and set up the walk boards that will be used to work for the roof of the cage. The walk board set up may look simple and random, but a lot of thought must go in to how they are going to be placed and continuously moved during the next three days. It is very strategic, and safety is a priority.

Once set up is complete, the screen removal begins. Your job will have from 2- 5 All American Renovations employee’s working this day, depending on the size of the job. After screen removal, it is time to change out all visible and accessible screws if it is needed, and/or if you have chosen that option. We say all visible and accessible screws to be accurate, and any cage may have some screws that are internal or plain impossible to get to or would cause a structural issue if removed. It is not uncommon for there to be over 1000 screws to be changed on the average cage! When we do replace screws, we use stainless steel screws and offer a lifetime warranty against rust.

The next step is preparing the cage for painting. First, we pressure wash with a commercial pressure washer using a high intensity orbiting tip. This cleans and removes all oxidation and loose paint. Next is hand sanding as needed, this addresses the more serious issues of peeling, bubbling and corrosion. The last step before painting is wiping down the cage surfaces with denatured alcohol. By the time this is done your cage will be completely open, clean, and ready for paint.

Day 2 – “Paint”

All American Renovations crew arrives around 8 am and begins to set up. This includes hanging plastic to protect the lanai, spreading tarps across the roof as well as an exceptionally large drop cloth across the entire pool and pool deck. Painting creates some amount of over spray, and we go to great lengths to protect your property. The paint we use is a Direct To Metal (DTM) proprietary blend, made for us by Sherwin Williams. The quality of this blend allows All American Renovations to offer a 5-year warranty on the paint. During the process you will see the painter moving slowly up and down the length of each individual strip of aluminum. There will be one or two assistants watching the painter for safety and moving the walk boards. This entire process is quite different from painting inside a building. We are outside and do not have control over things like wind, dust and other elements. Additionally, you may see the ground crew finishing some hand sanding ahead of the painter and generally keeping things on the ground organized.

Third Day – “Close the Cage”

The All American Renovations crew arrives at the jobsite at about 8am. There will usually be three people on the job for Closing. One will start the metal work, that includes installing new doors and door hardware. He will also install new color matched aluminum 1 x 2 angle to recap the bottom plate of the cage. The angle and your cage will be refastened to the deck with 304 marine grade ultra-coated stainless steel tapcons, that carry a lifetime warranty. There are several types of screens, and before your job began you choose the screen best suited for your home. Now you will see one man rescreening your roof and one man rescreening your walls. Although each man has a job to do you will see them each helping the other as needed. Finally, the crew will make sure all debris is picked up and your home is looking better than before. Time to enjoy…