Pool Cage Renovations

We were one of the first to create a pool cage restoration process.

Back in 2004 we realized that pool cages of a “certain age” were not looking their best any longer. Upon inspection we realized that most issues were either cosmetic or easily repaired. We were one of the first to create a pool cage restoration process that gave the homeowner an affordable alternative to replacing their entire pool cage. Over the many years that we have been specializing in Pool Cage Renovations many competitors have come and gone and you the consumer may have many choices in who to hire. Some of our competitors are very qualified but our hope is that when you are done reviewing our website you will see that we are clearly the best choice.

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At some point you may notice that your pool cage screens have become very silver and shiny. This indicates that the protective coating has worn away and you will begin to see it tearing. Does the screen flap in the wind, this indicates stretched screen and is also likely to begin tearing. Do you see the screen separating from the aluminum, these tears along the spline groove indicate a worn screen that will continue tearing. All these are reasons you would want to consider a rescreen. The next step is to decide which of the many screen types available is best for you. Some of the questions you might ask yourself are: Do you need a screen that is tough enough for kids and pets? Do you need extra protection from small insects? Maybe you need added privacy or protection from dirt or debris. Do you live on the fairway and need extra protection from golf balls tearing through you screen. We have screen types that address all of these needs. All American Renovations offers rescreening and screen repair of pool cages, lanais and front entryways.

Single Panel/Multiple Panel Screen Repair

Often times you may have perfectly good screen but with one or more screen panels that have been damaged. There is no reason to rescreen the entire pool cage if the remaining screen is in good shape. We can replace individual roof panels and wall panels as well as rescreening door panels and front lanai areas as well.

Cage Repairs

Is it your door that is not working correctly, or a piece of aluminum coming apart or hanging down? Perhaps it’s time to put in that doggy door. Do you need to add a kick plate below the chair rail to keep dirt out or Florida glass for more privacy? We can do that and more.

Screw Change Outs

Perhaps you are tired of looking at all those rusty screws that are dripping into your pool and staining the bottom or dripping on the deck and leaving stains there also. Did you know that we can come in and remove the old rusty screws and replace them with new high quality Ultra Coated Stainless Steel screws that resist corrosion between the Stainless Steel and the Aluminum and carry a lifetime warranty against rust? Clean up your pool cage and restore structural integrity at the same time.

Storm Reinforcing for Pool Cages

People that have homes in Florida know that the Hurricane Season is serious business. More and more often Florida seems to be in the path of these monster storms. That is why hurricane preparation is so important. Besides the basics of stocking up on water, food, medications, and batteries what can you do to protect your pool cage? While this is an area with no guarantees, there are certain things we can do to increase our chances of surviving a hurricane. When a pool cage fails due to weather, inadequate bracing is often to blame. Proper bracing is among the first modifications to consider. Proper bracing includes added 2 x 2 material strategically located on the roof and/or walls.

Access Points for Gutter Cleaning and Roof Cleaning and Hurricane Preparation

We know gutter maintenance is essential. It is an important part of home maintenance and needs to be taken seriously. If gutters are ignored wood rot can occur, which can lead to insect and rodent intrusion. Not to mention costly repair of the rotten wood that could be structural.

All American Renovations has two solutions to the gutter access challenge. The first is that we can construct drop down access panels for your convenience. The second is that we can also install panels that include the patent pending Zipper Flap. Zipper Flap access panels are made with Phifer screen and use the highest quality marine grade zippers. These zippers are designed to be used in some of the harshest environments on earth and sewn with a lifetime thread which makes them extremely durable. Some homeowners need to access the roof to occasionally clean pine needles or other debris. Either of these solutions will work well for the roof access as well. Additionally, we can construct large removable wall panels or Zipper Flap panels for hurricane preparation.

Rolling Shade Screen – Coming Soon